Callospa Resort and Spa - Part 1

For unexpected long weekends, like today, you're probably looking for an affordable and nearby destination you could go to to relax. In that case, I recommend you go to Callospa!

Of course, nearby is a relative word. I live in Cainta / Pasig area, so Antipolo is just about a 30 minute drive from our home. Hehe

Reviews of this place is a mix of pros and cons. But judging by their website and their rates alone, the resort looked promising, so we decided to try this place last February, just in time for Sherry's send-off party.

Going There
Callospa is in Brgy Colaique, Antipolo City. This is the same area where you can find Loreland Farm Resort, one of the well-known resorts in Antipolo. We've been to Loreland a few times before so we didn't have a hard time finding the place.

But if you're not familiar with the area, you can use this map to locate it (I got this from their brochure, click on the image to enlarge):

Just take note of the Unciano Hospital and you'll never be lost! If commuting, I think you can ride the "Taytay Antipolo" ((Not sure yet. I have to verify first!) jeeps and go down at Unciano Hospital and take the tricycle from there.

Accommodation and other Facilities
Callospa offers the following for suites for 12 hour accommodation. The price listed below is what they have posted on their site as of this date.

  • Tatami Room - good for 25 heads, Php 5,000.00 
  • Family Suite - good for  15 heads, Php 3,000.00 
  • Double Double Room - good for 5 heads, Php 2,500.00 
  • Triple Beds Suite - good for 5 heads, Php 2,500.00 
  • Couples Room* - good for one couple, Php 3,000.00 
  • New Wing Suite* - good for one couple, Php 3,000.00 

We're supposed to rent the Family Room overnight but it's already taken. I forgot to book ahead of time. Hehe. So they offered us the Tatami Room.

The Tatami room costs more but it is really spacious. If you're a really big group, I suggest you get this room. But as for a group of 10, like ours, this is a bit pricey for our budget. Also, we didn't like the beddings (it's kinda hard) and the fact that the washroom is just separated by curtains. The Family Suite and Tatami Room is also a bit far from the pool. Okay, it's not that far, ganon lang talaga kami katamad. :P

We also considered taking both the Double Room and Triple Bed Suite but being a practical (kuripot) group that we are, it is still over our budget. So, we decided to take the Japanese House!

The Japanese House / Mess Hall is just beside the pool. Renting this includes the following:
  • Unlimited use of videoke 
  • Four burner gas stove, ref, hot and cold water 
  • Dispenser with 5 gals of mineral water already 

  • It doesn't have beds. Just a hammock and two tables. It is literally a mess hall. We have no plans of sleeping that night anyway so this wasn't a problem.

The Hammock

The Table
  • It's open-air. No Air-cons. It was still a bit cold last February so this too wasn't a problem. There are, however, lots of mosquitoes! 
  • The washroom is not very private. It's like their public restroom since the mess hall is open as I've said. Plus, some of the doors have no locks. But since we all live in Cainta, we just took a bath when we got home. So no problem here too.
The Japanese House became our accommodation for that night. We also got it for only P2,500 pesos because the videoke was not available. P500 discount for this! :)

Other facilities can also be used for a cost. You can check the Facilities section of their website for more information.

The Pool
Important note: The rates mentioned does not include the Entrance Fee which also serves as the pool fee. Below are the entrance fees as described in their website:

  • Day Tour only costs Php 120.00. Check out is 4PM.
  • Night Swimming costs Php 150.00. Check out is at 10PM.
  • Overnight costs Php 200.00. Check out is at 7AM.

The pool is not at all big. Thank God only a few were checked in that night. My friends were able to enjoy the pool by themselves. I didn't get to swim though because the water is really freezing that night! Plus, I just had my massage. They said you can't go swimming after a massage. Is that true?

The Pool

The Jacuzzi

My friends enjoying their turn at the Jacuzzi

My judgement: We didn't really expect anything fancy from Callospa considering the rates they offer. But, they exceeded my expectations. Yes, it is not a 5-star resort but for the rates, other shortcomings are forgivable. :)

I'll share our Callospa spa experience on the next post. :) 

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