Callospa Resort and Spa - Part 2

Part 1 - Callospa Resort


While the boys have their card games, us girls went to have our spa. We all availed the Affordable Escape package worth P650.

Affordable Escape (2 hours) – This treatment starts with a regular hot bath at our hydro massage showers followed by an invigorating eucalyptus scented sauna bath. The sand timer will keep you posted for 15 minutes followed by another 15 minute of soothing herbal American lemon grass scented steam room while inside we suggest you walk around to reflex your soles. A luxurious hot Jacuzzi with floating kafir leaves, pandan and AHA rich calamansi tops of your baths. Now comes the mellow time. An hour of combined shiatsu. Swedish-reflex Thai massage in our own sequence describes our signature massage. Our own formula of special oils will lull you to sleep to complete your unforgettable escape.

Not bad for P650, right?

By the way, this is my first time to go to a spa like this and having my girl friends with me also made this super enjoyable. :)

First stop: Hydro Massage Shower

What I didn't like about the whole experience is we got lost in the process. They weren't very organized. I don't know if they're short of staff that day or they really just expected us to know what to do. They just lead us to the spa and then told us to take showers. The hallways are also a bit crowded and they don't have a separate area for male and female or couples, so don't be too shocked if you find an almost naked man walking around. :P

Good thing we're all in the good mood, we didn't mind that they didn't even tell us where are the lockers and showers. We found it anyways because it's just in the hallway. Hehe.

Next: Sauna Bath

Again, we ushered ourselves to the sauna room. A bottle of water was handed to us after a while.We forgot to turn the sand timer so I think we spent more than 15 minutes in there. Then again, we were not told. Hehe. It would be so sad if you're alone in that sauna room, so don't forget to bring your girl friends. :)

I realized all the more that I am not really sweaty. More than 15 minutes in a hot room, and I'm not perspiring as I expected. I should really drink more water.

Next: Steam Room

No pictures here because the steam room is really steamy! We could barely see each other. I can't remember if we spent 15 minutes in there. We didn't know what to do (again, we were not told) so we just went out after a while when we got bored. I also realized just now that it's supposed to be lemon-scented. I don't think it is.

Next: Jacuzzi

This one we really enjoyed. :)

 We loved the floating petals and pandan leaves. :)

We loved the hot tea. :)

We loved the lemon bath. :)

We're already enjoying the Jacuzzi when Sherry found a bottle that says, Bubble Bath.So we poured out "some" into our tub. :)

 Yehey, we love Bubble Baths! :) So we poured out more...


Bubbles Everywhere!

Next thing we knew the we're being swallowed up by the bubbles. Hahaha. We had to get out fast before we get eaten up. Plus, we can't wait any longer for the massage. :)

After cleaning up, we headed upstairs for the massage.

Waiting by the Pedicure Area

 Pedicure Area overlooking the Tubs.
We didn't know they were watching! Haha.

More waiting... 

Since the client before us skipped the tubs, they got into the massage area first and we had to wait. Tsktsk. No problem with waiting, I just wish they have updated magazines to keep us amused.

  The Massage Room

 Sherry - all excited for the massage

The massage is definitely worth the wait! It is really very relaxing. Not so sure about the details of the massage, but the bottomline is it's very relaxing. 

My masseuse offered to cool me down. I said yes, of course. But got really surprised that she lifted me up with her arms and feet like a baby to stretch my back. Ang galing! Haha. I haven't tried that before. :P

The masseuse then handed me an envelope with her name on it. Sorry I forgot her name but I think it's Jenny. She then let me sleep in and I was able to sleep for at least 15 minutes. :)

I was wondering what the envelope is for. It's for tip pala! You have to give the envelope back to the reception when you pay for the massage and place it in their little jar for tips.
All in all, it was a great experience. The price was it was definitely worth it, especially if you compare it to high end spas. But then again, i haven't try one yet! Haha. 

I would definitely go back to this place and try their other offers. As I understood it from their site, they also offer the following packages:
  • Getaway Breeze – this is basically the Affordable Escape package plus Hair Spa and Footspa which incldues a knee high callous scrubbing, black mud wrap, foot massage and a manicure and pedicure. This is about 2 and half hour and costs P1200.
  • Total Body Pampering - again, the Affordable Escape as I've blogged above plus Hair Spa, Full Body Scrub, Body Butter, Full Body Massage with aromatheraphy oil and Facial. Lasts for about 3 hours and forty five minutes for P1950.
  • Ultimate Luxury - Affordable Escape plus Exfoliate with Aromatic Dead Sea scrub, Soaking and wrapping with papaya mixed with milk, Foot Spa and European Special. Lasts for 4 hours and 15 minutes. P2500.
  • Pure Indulgence - this includes the Affordable Escape plus a Body Scrub done in a private suite using Dead Sea bath salt, Detoxifying with Black Mud Wrap, Regular Foot Spa with manicures and pedicures, European facial, Diamond Peel and light snack before the massage. This is 4 hours of indulgence for only P4,200.
This is definitely a good place for those girl friends bonding and bridal showers. They also offer the whole place for events such as weddings and  reunions (which I think is very affordable). You can check out their online brochure for details. :)

I just recommend that you bring your own car (and driver) if you decide to do a day trip. You'll be stressed with Cainta Junction traffic once you go down from Antipolo and you'll be needing the spa again. Or maybe you could check in at SevenSuites Hotel - the first and only Hotel Observatory in the country. If you do, then I'd be very envious because I so want to go there.

That's it, pusit! Hope the post helps. Do update me please if you've already tried the other packages. :)

More pictures on my Multiply - The Callospa Experience

Thanks for the pictures, Sherry! :)


  1. Hi Prinsesa, your blog is very helpful and detailed. And your pretty too :)

  2. Wow, that's very nice of you to say.

    Thank you! :)

  3. When we went for a visit recently, the place was not clean. Parang ilang taon nang hindi nalinisan yung lugar. Sa reception area, nagkalat at magulo ang mga products nila on sale. The rooms were dark and there were plenty of insects. Maganda sana yung place kung name-maintain ang cleanliness at order. Class ang dating ng place sa photos lang. Even the massage was not “wow” for 650 pesos. I enjoyed and appreciated more the yung massage at “Let’s Face It” in Market Market.
    I hope the management exerts more effort to spruce up the place. I say the service I got was definitely not worth the price I paid.