Down South 2008: Cagayan De Oro White Water Rafting

Day 2 on our Down South trip is for the CDO Adventure Tour care of Kagay: Cagayan de Oro’s premiere whitewater rafting outfitter.

According to their site,

KAGAY is Cagayan de Oro’s premiere whitewater rafting outfitter. They use State Of The Art Rafts (SOTAR) and equipment and offer rafting trips ranging from the beginner’s course – which covers class 1-2 rapids – to advance courses, which cover the more difficult class 3-4 rapids. And these trips are offered throughout the year.  

It’s guaranteed to be safe, no matter what the time of year: with our experienced and able river guides that had been trained both by the prestigious International Rafting Federation (IRF) in rafting techniques and safety, and by the Philippine National Red Cross in first-aid and CPR, rest assured that your experience will be so safe and enjoyable that you’ll want to keep on coming back for more!


I have to agree. They seem really good at what they're doing. I am no expert but their equipment look really nice. :)

They picked us up from Park View with their jeepney on time and then grabbed Jollibee along the way for breakfast. You won't miss their jeepney even if it doesn't have the Kagay logo on its body because it has the huge rafts piled up on the roof!

Buti na lang room mate ko si Herlin and Tina, ang alarm clock at time keeper ng group. I would never be late kung sila kasama ko! :)

After the bumpy ride, we have finally arrived!

We only took the Basic Course but it really was a challenge for me dahil hindi ako marunong mag swim! Haha. Actually, we wanted to try pa sana yung Advance Course but it would take another two hours and we will miss the other adventures so we decided to pass. Try na lang namin yun pag balik namin sa CDO. :)

While we were planning this trip, most of our friends who already did this advised us to bring sunblocks and sun protectors since it would be more than an hour of bathing in the sun. In our case, we didn't need it pala. Typhoon Frank just left CDO and the weather's still a bit gloomy. And since it's been raining for days, the water's chocolate brown instead of the crystal clear water we've been seeing in the pictures. Plus, the water's really really cold!

After putting on helmets and life vests, The Kaagay instructors did a bit of orientation first before nila kami pinasakay sa raft and gave us a paddle.We were divided into three rafts. My rafting buddies: Tina, Herlin and Jorge. They all know how to swim, so I felt a bit comfortable na. Hehehe.

Hindi ko na maalala yung mga tinuro sa amin! All I remember is that you should listen very carefully to the instructor and do exactly what she says. It's team work so bawal ang pasaway! We have two instructors on board pala. :)

Paddle Commands: Paddle forward, Paddle Back, Paddle left, Paddle right  - to navigate the waters.
Grab the Line - hold that rope in the raft!
High Five! - paddles up for a job well done! :)

Wah, yan na lang mga naalala ko! How to do them? Hindi ko na alam. Does that mean I can go back na to CDO and try it again? :)

When you do this, make sure you avail of their photo package! Ang galing nung photographer, he knows na when and where to take shots. :)

This is us and I think that's Crystal's raft on the far left.

 Buti pa sila nakakataas ng kamay, ako hindi ko talaga matanggal yung kamay ko sa line! Ako pa pala yung nasa harap with Jorge at naka smile pa ako diyan for the picture.

 But in the following pictures, makikita niyo na wala na ako pakialam sa pictures at naka focus na lang ako sa waves at mga bato. If you don't die from drowning, mamamtay ka sa untog!

Ang laki din pala nung helmet ko, hindi ako masyado maka kita. Haha. Pero in this picture, halata naman that I'm having real fun..

Now here's us preparing for a drop, dropping, plunging into the waves and surviving!

Yeah, High Five for a Job Well Done!

And some photo shoot on the calm part of the river...

Big High Five! 

After some rest, we're off to more rapids. This one, we need to quickly sit inside the raft so we won't fall and I think to make the raft more heavy. Gosh, I forgot the term for this move. Help, anyone?

Getting Ready for the Dive

Waiting for the Dive

Diving in.. (See how happy Jorge is?!)

... and Splashing in! 

We survived yet again! :)

Adrenaline Rush! Oh yeah!

After that rapids, are some calm waters again. This is the part where we could go down the river and swim. 

But I did not want to swim. :( Tina and I are happy to have photo ops in our raft...

Note Herlin's reaction to the cold water.:)

 Happy in the Raft

As I've said, I'm a bit uncomfortable if I can't see or feel the bottom of the water. The cold cold water and our guide's crocodile stories are not helping either.

But our guide told me he would tip me off the river if I won't go down and enjoy the water.

So I went down anyway..

After swimming, we're back to raft. It's time to get wet in that cold falls...

... go up a rock ramp..

.. and Kiss the Wall! 
 Aaron, Eliska, Nikki and Keilyn paddling away from the wall.

 Our team after Kiss the Wall
(we don't have actual pictures)

There's a traditional graduation jump where you had to jump off a 6 feet click into the waters but we didn't get to do it because the river is filled with twigs. Too bad but it's okay. Now we can cross out that White Water Rafting in CDO in our To-Do list! :)

 White Water Rafting in CDO -- check! :)

After the tiring White Water Rafting adventure, it is time for lunch! We are so very hungry!


This lunch comes with the adventure package. Super sulit. :)

(Side note: Keilyn, ilang pictures ka nang ganito? Haha.)

And of course, while resting and waiting, we did some photo ops and played in the play ground. :) Di ko makakalimutan ang super slide ni Niknik! Caught in video pa! Haha. But sorry, I won't post it here. :)

Cute dogs welcomed us at the end of the Basic Course. :)

Play Ground :)

Ayaw masyado mag swing ni Jorge. :P

That's me on top of the jeep! :).

Photo with the Kagay Jeep! :P

So that ends the White Water Rafting Adventure. Next: Zip Line! :)

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  1. Whitewater rafting is one exhilarating adventure for friends and families to enjoy bonding time. It is also best to take on the challenge during rainy season because the rapids are much higher and longer compared to during the summer time.

  2. yes, the rapids were very strong at that time. :)

    thanks for the comment.