Coron Trip Day 1 - Malcapuya Island + Kawayanan Grill

One more month and I am off the Coron again with my office and college friends. I guess it's time that I finish this blog about my last trip to Coron with my high school friends -- Rhea, Rizza, Mina, Abbie and Rye. Hehe.

We had our trip last October 2010. We rode on Cebu Pacific Airlines to Busuanga and availed of DIY Coron's services  for the trip.

From the minute we landed into Busuanga airport, they took care of everything. We were picked up by Kuya Jayjay with his white van and drove us to Darayonan where we will stay.

Landed! :) I should start collecting airport runways pics like this. :P

From Busuanga to Coron Town!

Darayonan -- Our Home in Coron

In Darayonan, we were met by Ms Judith Bulaco from DIY Coron. We were 1 person short from what she's expecting but she's very nice to accommodate the changes in the contract. After settling the bill and changing, she suggested that we just grab a packed lunch at Lolo Nonoy's since we're runing late already.

Mina and Rhea ordered food..

.. while we wait. :)

After that we took a tricycle to the port...

 The gang with Kuya.. Sorry forgot his name: (

View at the port.

... only to find out that we need to go to the other port because the boat cannot somehow dock on the new port.

There'd be no problem, at all. It's just that the other port looks like this...

Haha. No problem with me, but some of the girls were scared. Poor Rye had to attend to everyone. :P

First Stop: Malcapuya Island

The island is almost an hour away from Coron Island. We had our lunch along the way in the mini-dining area of the boat.

 .. That Abbie turned to a Yoga area.

Yummy lunch from Lolo Nonoy's.

Finally, we had our first sight of Malcapuya island. And all we can say was -- Wow!

We can't wait to get to the island but the water is too low for our boat to dock. Kuya Toto and Kuya Mark, our boatmen, made us swim from the boat to the island!

Docking already?!

There'd be no problem with that -- if we could swim. Unfortunately, most of us are non-swimmers. Haha.

But the water is very blue and the island is very clean. Its beauty took over our fears and so swim we go to the island. I think it's the farthest I've ever swim in my whole life!

With my sweetest friend, Abbie.

There's no one in the island except from two kids playing in and we were very happy. One of the kids were very friendly and kept showing us nice spots to go snorkling.

The place seems safe also and they have tents like this to put our stuffs..

Aside from the blue water, there's also a cliff that we climbed to give us a view of the nearby islands.

There's also a shore on the other side of the island. Although it's a bit rocky, it is more quiet and serene.

The other side of Malcapuya Island

With my lovely friend, Riz.
I took this shot so I guess okay lang i-post. Haha.

We had to leave the island by sun down since it would get dark soon. On the way back, I finally saw the end of the rainbow...

The rainbow stopped on the sea. I didn't get to see leprechauns. Haha. But I was really amazed. 

We docked on the new port and was picked up again by kuya on tricycle. After cleaning up, we had our dinner at Kawayanan Grill Station.

Sorry I am not a very good blogger. I wasn't able to note the prices and the details. Plus, I'm too lazy to make comments on their food now. Hehe. Basta, Kawayanan is one of the good restos in Coron (there ain't too many either) and we loved their crispy kangkong!

This sumptuous dinner caps our first day in Coron. All else, ayaw ko na hindi ko na maalala. Hahaha. :)

(Kelan ko kaya magagawa yung Day 2?)

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