Tinipak Rocks in Tanay

I'm gonna blog this before I completely forget or get too busy again. Hehe.

After our successful #AlanganingWeekendRoadTrip to Pansol then to Nuvali then to Canlubang, we found ourselves on a road trip again to Tanay, Rizal. More specifically, to Tinipak Rocks by the Daraitan River in Barangay Daraitan, Tanay, Rizal. We called it #TheHaggardGames! Haha.

I've always knew Rizal too has a lot to offer when it comes to tourism, but I honestly haven't heard about this place until a friend showed us its awesome pictures when they first visited. Thanks, Jeloh!

According to the brochure given to us by one of the local tour guides,

DARAITAN RIVER was awarded as the cleanest inland body of water in Region IV and a finalist for national competition. It is an ideal site for mountaineers, backpackers and trekkers. 
TINIPAK with it beautiful rock formation has splendid naturally sculptured marble formations that look like they have been chiseled or blasted by a machine, A favored place for fans of 4x4 drive and trekkers.

 Clean body of water just a few hours near our area? Well, yes! And I hope it stays that way...

Tinipak Rocks and Daraitan River

But before we get to that, we first had to wake up as early as 5AM to meet everyone at McDonald's Q-Plaza in Marcos Hi-Way by 6AM. We rented a jeepney to take us there. Our ETD is 7AM but was moved to 8AM. It's almost a 3 hour drive from Cainta. We got there past 10AM.

The #HaggardGames tribute on our ride. 

Of course we had our Don't miss out this sign when you're going to Tinipak Rock!

This way to Tinipak Rock!
Before we got to the trek, our jeep had to survive this wooden bridge first!

Wooden Bridge to Tinipak
The first thing to do when you get to Daraitan is to register in the Daraitan Barangay Hall. As of this writing, they charge P10 if you would want to visit the river. A fair price for me considering that it's a jewel to this town. You may also want to do your business when you get here since there will be no comfort  rooms in the trek. Also, call or text your loved ones before you start the trek because there will be no cellphone signal in the mountains.

Daraitan Barangay Hall

After you register, you can now start your long but exciting walk to Tinipak River!

This will be the start of the trek. Behind that mountain is the river.
Make sure that you wear your trekking shoes because the road will really be rocky and slippery. We had to walk into streams before we get to our destination, and they say we already took the easy road! It took us about one and hour hour (including breaks and photo ops) before we got to the camp site. It was a long and tiring walk but the river is really a sight to behold! What else to do but take lots and lots of pictures! :)

We would've taken more pictures but we're running out of time. We have to move if we want to reach the camp site before sunset. But along the way, we already saw a few groups who's already camped in some parts of the river.

Finally, after going to a very steep downhill, we reached our destination...

Thanks Francis for the photo! :)
... it feels so good to jump slump down by the cold river!

And that's exactly what we just did the whole afternoon after setting up the tents. :)

While we enjoy the nature, complete with a roving eagle (or so we thought) above us and the sound of rushing river, Rye on the hand amuses himself with his stone towers...

The sun is almost setting, and so we decided to clean up and take a bath. Yup, by the river! Taking a bath has never been so challenging. Haha. Not only do we have to keep our soaps and shampoos from being floating away in the river (byebye, conditioner, huhu) but we also have to keep ourselves steady or else we too would be dragged by the current.

Bath by the river. Thanks Francis for the picture!

After freshening up, the boys set up the bonfire and we had our s'mores! :) Yummm! Dinner was a bit challenging. We had to lose a few hotdogs first before we got to eat. Hehe. We realized none of the boys attended boy scout and only Yvette has girl scout skills.

The weather was perfect and then it's also a full moon. God is so good. :)

I was already tired after dinner and so I went to bed tent early. The rest of the group played guesstures and talked til almost dawn. I woke up at around 4am because there's a sound otutside our tent (and i'm itching all over!). Good to know some of the guys are also up. :)

Cleaning up. Rye's rock tower is still standing. He's so proud.

By breakfast, we had to eat up everything we can so we wouldn't have to bring it to the trek again. We tried, but failed. We just gave them to the small house near the river. After cleaning up the camp (no garbages, promise!), we headed back home. I say it's easier to go back than to go up there. By this time, we're all craving of ice cold Coke and Jollibee!

More photos along the way, of course..

Thank you Lord for giving us the opportunity to do this! Thank you Tanay for the wonderful experience! It's nice to gain new friends while trekking down in your mountains. And I must say, the people of Daraitan, Tanay are all friendly. :)

PS. After the trek, you may want to visit the famous P15 fried chicken of Ate Nita! We forgot to take pictures, but it's in the corner across the barangay hall. Better yet, make a reservation before you go up the mountain. It's selling like hotcakes in there!

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