From Luzon, Visayas to Mindanao -- In one day! :)

Yes, I've been to all the main islands of the Philippines in just one day! :)

Of course, we're flying from Manila. We met everyone (Carlo, Apol, Mik, Jeff, Nic and Karl) at the airport before 6AM. We have an early flight at 7:10 AM for Cebu City. Cebu Pacific has only no direct flight to Surigao City. All their flights must come from Cebu City so we decided to make two separate bookings to make the most out of our time in Cebu.

After paying P200 for the terminal fee and waiting in the crowded terminal gate, we rode the bus to the plane and off to Cebu we go!

Of course, I ordered their Royal Milk Tea (worth P100, it's good, promise) and Rye won in the in-flight game again adding a small tote bag in his collection of Cebu Pacific items.

By 8:15 AM, we've already landed in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu! The boys were happy that Cebu Pacific allowed us to check-in early for our next flight, they didn't have to bring all the luggage around. The plan is to grab a quick for breakfast in a nearby coffee shop before our 11:45AM flight. We want a Cebu coffee shop but we can't find anything nearby except Starbucks. So we rode a multi-cab and ended up eating in Chowking and doing some last minute grocery in SaveMore (or SM, according to Apol). Haha. By the way, we'd like to commend the guy from Chowking (we forgot to ask his name, sorry) for being very helpful. He let Carlo and Rye charge their phones, arranged our tables and quick to assist us when we asked for more gravy and tissue! And he did it all with a smile, very rare these days and at 8AM in the morning. Hehe.

SaveMore, Starbucks and Chowking is located in Mactan, just a 10 minute ride away from the airport. We paid another P200 for the terminal fee, waited for plane, and off we go!

By 12:45PM, we're now in Surigao del Norte! The weather was a bit hazy but it did get better in the afternoon. I was pleasantly surprised by Surigao airport. It's small but it's clean and people are nice too. :) I think their washroom just got renovated, to think that their terminal fee only costs P20. They even have fresh flowers inside! Yes, it's real.. we checked. :P

We were met at the airport by our driver, Kuya Jonathan. He owns a white Starex van and drives fast! Haha. After almost two hours, we're already in the port. Yes, two hours and he's already driving fast! We paid him P2000 for the one-way trip.

At Kuya Jonathan's Van

Boat Ride

The area of Club Tara called Bucas Grande is more than 30 minute boat ride from the port. We made a quick stop to a nearby resort to meet Kap Mero, our contact/tour guide in Surigao, and then we're finally off to Club Tara.

We're here, finally!!!

So that's how I travelled from Luzon, Visayas to Mindanao in one day. Harhar.

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