Phantom of the Opera in Manila

Rye and I were able to watch The Phantom of the Opera last week (August 29, to be exact) as a "treat" from my mom. Thanks Ma!

I'm always on the look out for this kind of treat from Mabuhay Miles, so when I found out that they're giving one ticket to the Phantom of the Opera in exchange of 7,000 miles. I grabbed the opportunity and asked my mom if she'll let us use her miles. Gladly, she agreed. Hooray!

I had Rye go to Mama's office to photocopy her ID and sign the forms and authorization letters. By Saturday morning, we're already in PAL's ticket office in Arnaiz Ave, Makati. All the tickets are almost sold out but we're blessed to find a good seat for yesterday.

Aside from Cats, this is the only broadway show I've seen. I am no theater expert either so I could only speak as an average audience. So what can I say? It was amazing!

The stage and the famous chandelier after Act 1. 

The stage, the props, the costumes, the performance, the music -- everything was amazing! No wonder The Phantom of the Opera is now the longest running musical broadway musical succeeding Cats. This year is actually its 25th year anniversary.

I had no idea the song "All I Ask of You" is from that musical. Hehe.

The cast for Phantom of the Opera in Manila includes:

Claire Lyon as Catherine
Jonathan Roxmouth as The Phantom
Anthony Downing as Raoul

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