Precious Moments Showroom :)

Who would've thought that in the middle of Buendia's busy and crowded area is a very serene and happy little space? Yes, we finally got to visit Precious Moments Showroom and Restaurant and it was truly Cuteness Overload!

If you're not familiar with Precious Moments, it is a collection of various items featuring children with teardrop-shaped eyes. Since most items always include encouraging messages and Bible verses, Precious Moments has become a popular gift for friends and family.

Please forgive the low quality photos. We didn't plan on going so we only have our phones as camera. It's a spontaneous thing after running out of ideas to go to for dinner after Juk and Jaycee's Victory Weekend (yey!). We're actually thinking if it's still a smart move since it's a Saturday and it's super traffic in Buendia. But I perked up when I saw this huge Precious Moment statues in the front door. :)

Welcome to Precious Moments Showroom!

I can't help but smile and feel giddy when we entered the store. Everything is just cheerful and bubbly. I love the colors, the interiors, and of course I'm surrounded by Precious Moment characters everywhere! There's an event in the upper stairs so we didn't get to visit and see more of the Precious Moment items, but it's okay, the ground floor is already a treat for me. :)

Our colors matched the interiors. :)
Beautiful Wall

Inner room leading to the stairs


Here's what I can peek from the stairs

The staff are all friendly too. They answered my questions and threw in some more Precious Moments trivia too. So, I learned that Mr Sam Butcher, creator of Precious Moments, is not residing in Palawan (i don't know where I got that information) but is actually living in that Precious Moments branch although he sometimes go to his Kalibo house which is now Sampaguita Gardens ResortHe's currently in the US and could not travel back for a while because of health concerns. Kuya also said that he's very friendly and nice. I also learned that there is also a Precious Moments collectors group that regularly meets there.

Behind us is a Preciuos Moment painting by Mr Sam Butcher himself.
Another Precious Moments painting by Mr Sam Butcher

These two cuties over here are Tammy and Timmy, named after Sam's children.

Tammy and Timmy
Now, the food. You may not expect it but the offer here is .. tada, Chinese! We had the set meal for P600 that includes soup, two viands, rice, drinks and dessert.

Table Setting


Spinach Soup

Sweet and Sour Pork

A bit off for the theme but enjoyable, nonetheless. :)

More cute Precious Moment stuff...

Star Gazing :)


Little Princess. Super cute. :)

Precious Moments Wedding. Take not of the price!

Lady Bug! :)

That's Me!


Precious Moment Snow White for Disney grabbed from +Ryan Albert Ramos  instagram :)

Precious Moment Cinderella for Disney

I am not sure if the Precious Moments Manila Showroom and Sam Brew Cafe in Laredo St in Palanan, Makati is still open but this place we went to is along Sen Gil Puyat Ave, just a few meters from South Super High Way after PNR Buendia. Beside it is ABE College. They have very limited parking!

02-8875252 / (02) 387 1092

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