Seven Cakes : A Birthday Post

Last day of September, my birth month. And I am 29 years old and 10 days. Wow! (I always say this on my every birthday post! Haha)

My celebrations every year is different. When I wrote in my last post, that I'm expecting more birthday cakes, I didn't realize God would pour out so much! This year, I'm so amazed that I got seven birthday cakes! Yes, Seven!

First, of course, is the Starbucks cake that I mentioned.

Cake #1 - Blueberry Cheesecake from Starbucks

Next is from my new team at the office. I was honestly surprised when they gave me this. I'm not even sure how they knew it was my birthday. Oh wait, maybe because I asked for to be excused for overtime. Hehe. But I didn't realized they were singing for me until I saw the message in the cake. Thank you!!! :)

Cake #2 - Red Velvet

Birthday Cake#3 is this Chocolate Campfire by Purple Oven from my dearest Articulates friends that I shared with Rjam. :)

Cake # 3 - Chocolate Campfire from Purple Oven.
Photo grabbed from +Crystal Antonette Gonzalez  :)

We visited Rye's sister unannounced but it was I who got surprised. Yup, another whole Concorde Cake from Sugarhouse. :) And it was so sweet when Rye's niece said that she cannot eat the cake, even if she really wants the chocolates, because it's not for her.

Cake #4 - Concorde Cake from Sugarhouse
Okay, so the cake was really nice but I didn't get to take a picture with it.

We met our high school friends for dinner to have a double birthday celebration with Ezra. And then, tada! Cake #5, another one from Purple Oven -- Grandma's Chocolate Cake. Thanks Riz and Rye. :)

Cake#5 - Grandma's Chocolate Cake
So Monday came, and we cannot let a free Sambokojin dinner go to waste. So we headed to Eastwood to avail of their birthday promo. Remember we also did this for Rye's birthday? But for my birthday, they sang a very jolly birthday song. Haha. Sobrang kulit ng mga waiters. They probably do it for every 15 minutes. What's good about it is that I can actually eat the cake! The desserts in other buffet restos is blech. :P

Cake #6  - Ube Cake from Sambokojin
And, yesterday, I had a bonding time with my friends from church at Intercontinental Hotel. And of course, they wouldn't forget to give me another birthday cake. Super thanks Ate Rose and Fhame! :)

Cake #7 - Chocolate Cake

So, that's all the seven cakes I got for my 29th birthday. :)

I remember telling God I want to feel special on my birthday. I didn't realize that this is his sweet way of telling me that I am. Thank you everyone for letting God use you to make me smile.

More happy years ahead!

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