Taipei Itinerary

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While my program takes forever to compile (argh!), let me share with you our Taipei Itinerary. As always, I hope this would help other travelers out there. :)

Accommodation and Transfer
For our accommodation and airport transfer, we booked Taipei Backpackers Hostel. They also arranged the airport transfer for us. We got the Deluxe Room for 4 (T411) and the details of the room is listed on their web site.

Taipei Backpackers Hostel:

Day 1
Red House
Presidential and Vice Presidential Artifact Museum
Presidential Office Building
National Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall
Longshan Temple
Shi Lin Market

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Day 2
Taipei Zoo
Maokong Gondola
Taipei 101
Ding Tai Fung

Taipei 101

Day 3
Sun Moon Lake
Modern Toilet
Ximending Night Market

Sun Moon Lake

Day 4
Beitou Hotspring
Hello Kitty Cafe
Sogo Mall
Red House
Ximending Night Market
Starbucks Ximending

Beitou Hot Spring
Yeah, it's quite a short list. There are other places to see in Taipei but we're all on a tight budget so we chose places that doesn't cost much. It's also a walkathon to tour around Taipei, we didn't have much energy to go around. Or.. are we just aging?! Haha.

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