Bacolod's Masskara Festival

No, I wasn't able to go. I wish! But airfares hike during these feasts, and I could never afford it.

I just remembered our time there early this year and our trip to Negros National Museum where I was told of the origin of the Masskara festival.

Me in front of Bacolod City Hall

Behind the festivity and colors of Bacolod's Masskara festival is actually a tragedy. A passenger ship vessel, boarding a hundred Negrenses, collided with another ship and sank. This was on April 22, 1980. To ease the downcast spirit  of the people, the local official and the artists thought of having the Masskara festival. The festival is their first step to recovery and their declaration of triumph over tragedies.

The Masskara Festival is also inspired by the Carnival of Venice.

I'd like to someday witness the Masskara Festival. I want to see the street dancing and the colorful parade. But aside from the festival, there are a lot more I am yet to experience in Bacolod. The many many food I want to try! Pendy's Napoleones, the cakes of Calea and the drinks and the coffee! Yummm! And of course, the city of Silay.

5 months to go and I'll see you again, City of Smiles. :)

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