Guimaras is just a 15-minute boat ride from the Jordan Port of Iloilo so it’s just natural that we include this in our itinerary. Our complete IT is posted here:Bacolod+Iloilo+Guimaras Itinerary

First stop for Guimaras: Bulaan Bukid
It’s almost holy week when we got to Guimaras and they’re preparing for the wave of pilgrims and visitors.

Bulaan Bukid

It ‘s not anymore allowed to climb up the cross but it’s okay. From the top, we can see the whole of Iloilo, and it’s already an amazing sight.

Overlooking Iloilo
Tip: Be prepared for a bit of hike! Wear comfortable footwear
Tip: Don’t forget to leave a bit of love offering for the caretakers and the church. J

Tip: Bring something to pull your hair up if you don’t want a messy hair in your photos like me! Haha.

Next: Smallest Plaza

Recognized by the Guiness Book of World Records as The World’s Smallest Plaza. It features a status of our national hero, Jose Rizal.

Guimaras Adventure Park

I didn't expect this to be part of our itinerary but it’s one of my best experience so far! Kuya Cherald brought us to a shooting range. It was my first time to hold a gun and I even get to fire it! Woohoo!

We were taught about the proper handling of a gun (with one hand!), how to use it in practical self defense and responsible ownership.

I am still confirming with Kuya Cherald the name of the place and the people who assisted us but they are wonderful! They explained well and emphasized the use of guns for practical self defense.
And the price are not at all high. I think we were charge P20 for each bullet and P200 for the entrance. Again, I am yet to confirm them. Nakalimutan ko na kasi. :P

Tourist Center

Guimaras is known for their world class mangoes. In the tourist center, you can find various mango products like the yummy mango tart and purees.

Museo de Guimaras

The museum was also closed when we got there. I don't think it ever opens. Haha. I remember Kuya telling us that it's under renovation.

Now this man, according to Kuya Cherald, has no name. He is just a representation of the livelihood of the people of Guimaras, Fishing and farming.


Mango Pizza! Why not? Guimaras is well known for their world class mangoes after all. :)

Trappist Monastery

The church in Trappist Monastery, I'm amazed to believe, is called Our Lady of the Philippines. Wala lang, I just find the name interesting. :)

Most of the Guimaras goodies are from this monastery. The monks and nuns get their support from these products. You can go around their very peaceful place, but we weren't able to do this since we're running a bit out of time. So we took some photos and off to the next stop we go. :)

Mango Plantation Overlooking

The sight is worth the stop. :)

Camp Alfredo

Again, just a photo-op! Haha. We don't have the time to go in, but we will surely visit on our  next visit. :)

Guisi Beach

... but we did not went here. Just another overlooking the super white beach!

Guisi Lighthouse

This is our real stop. Guisis Lighthouse is a favorite place for photoshoots. The rustic (literally!) look is a perfect backdrop. We're so lucky to have Kuya Cherald with us. He can really make us do all sorts of poses. He can really be a good photographer, so excuse the wave of photos. :P

Most fun for me is the trip up the lighthouse. Woohoo! I love the wind and the height! It looks like Rye is so cool in this photo but before this, he's screaming with tense and could not move at all. Hahaha.

I must say that our Guimaras trip would not be as enjoyable if not for Kuya Cherald, the most sought-after (naks!) driver/tourist guide/photographer in Guimaras.

I read about him, of course, in Adaphobic’s blog. I booked him a month in advance, and I’m very happy that he’s still available on our date of visit. A week before our visit, he even called to us to confirm our schedule.

The day before our trip, while we were still in Iloilo, he called to ask if we would mind if to have someone join our tour. He couldn’t say no to her since he’s a friend and fellow blogger of Ada of Adaphobic’s Blog. We didn’t mind of course, because it meant we will share the fees. Hehe. But on the day of our trip, they realized that we have different itineraries. I'm so happy Kuya Cherald still went with us even though he's a "friend" to this other visitor. A man with integrity could really get to places.

Grabbed from Kuya Cherald's Facebook.

If you plan to visit Iloilo and Guimaras, I highly recommend Kuya Cherald. You can contact him here:

Kuya Cherald

We're going back next March and we'll definitely go with him again. I hope he's still available!

Tired but Happy Me. :)

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