Basilica Taal and Maya and Sir Chief's Wedding!

Just a little cheer up post...

Very Picturesque!

Today is Maya and Sir Chief's wedding!

I saw the teaser yesterday and thought the church looks kinda familiar. But now, it's confirmed. Based on this article, the much awaited wedding will be held in Basilica de Taal!

Historical Marker for Basilica de Taal

Basilica de Taal with Darren and I
A painting of the Ascension of Jesus in the church ceiling

Inside Basilica de Taal, largest Catholic Church in Asia

Incidentally, we were able to visit this church earlier this month. Batangas is his mother's home town, but Rye didn't know that this heritage town is just a few kilometers away. His parents were actually married in this church! Haha.

Largest Bell in the Philippines?

With Rye's Fam

For just P50.00 you can visit the museum upstairs and the bell tower. It was tiring going up the bell tower but the sight is all worth it. We actually went back the next day and dragged Rye's cousins with us.

Steep and Narrow Stairs to the Bell Tower, +Ryan Albert Ramos couldn't almost fit!

Church Bells ran by Machines

Rizal College of Taal as viewed from the Bell Tower

The Taal Heritage Town: View from the Bell Tower

One of the Church's Bells

One the church's beautiful stained glass

Naturally Mummified Cat!

Very Old Announcement. I think it reminds the girls to dress appropriately.

Umaarte sa Basilica de Taal :P

After more picture taking at the church, we headed to Galleria Taal, a camera museum. And that will be my next post! :)

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