Galleria Taal: Camera Museum

After touring the Largest Catholic Church in Asia where Maya and Sir Chief had their wedding, we headed a bit down the road to visit Galleria Taal.

The gallery's owner, Mr Manny Inumerable, welcomed us personally when we got there. He is the one responsible for converting this old Spanish home into a house for his prized camera collections. We're so blessed to have met him because he rarely goes home.

Rare Meeting with Mr Manny Inumerable

Mr Manny Inumerable, Vintage Camera Collector
Galleria de Taal Museum brags of its all-working vintage cameras. Mr Manny restores them himself. They also have historic photographs in display.

One of their staff showing us how this vintage camera adjusts its exposure

1955 Polaroid Land Camera

Vintage 3D Viewer

One of Canon's Early SLRs

Gold and Leather Nikon Camera

Nikon Camera with Flash

This one is their prized possession. A copy of an actual photograph taken during Rizal's Execution. It is quite a story on how they got a copy of this photograph. But I think you should just visit the gallery yourself to find out. :) 

Rizal's Execution
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60 Agoncillo St., Taal, Batangas
(043) 408 1775

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