Panglao, Bohol Island Hopping -- on LPA

Luck of all luck, there's an LPA just in time for our Bohol trip. But that didn't stop us from doing the island hopping. Haha. Nah, we thought of going back after we saw the waves but our boatman, Kuya Vito, assured us that he got it all under control.

We decided to go island hopping a little before lunch so we weren't able to go to the Dolphins. So from Alona, we headed to Balicasag for snorkling. Only a couple of tourists were there! Well, probably because of the storm. I have no photos during our snorkle but I remember how I greatly enjoyed this site the last time we went here...

Snorkling without LPA last 2009

Hey look, we rode the same boat!
 So, back in 2014. After Balicasag, we headed to Virgin Islands. It's not anymore wavy and it's low tide but it's freezing so weren't able to stay longer, but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

Happy to be back in Virgin Islands
Guess what I'm doing.. hihi...
... And who's taking all the waves???

Apol and Carlo
Photo Bombing has become a trend

Excited si Jaycee??
A throw back on my last trip to Virgin Island. The water is bluer and clearer since there's no storm, of course.

In memory of my slimmer self

 Now this one's in Bohol Beach Club and it's way back 2009, but still sharing because these are my favorite photos from our trips and I'm missing my travel buddies -- now all married! :)

Our normal crazy selves

The trip costs P1,500 if you're coming from Alona. The entrance to Balicasag is Php 50 and the tour guide is Php 150. We're told that we lower it to Php 100 but we didn't ask much for discounts anymore. We know how Bohol is struggling to get back.

Come and visit Bohol again! It's still as beautiful as before. :)

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