Flashback Friday: The Plunge at EAT Danao, Bohol

E.A.T. Danao is short for Extreme Adventure Tour in Danao. It is one of the first adventure parks setup in the country, and still my most favorite. It is where I experienced my most thrilling and most extreme adventure so far.

I was reminded because my The Plunge video was uploaded in my Google+ account somehow.

The Plunge is the pendulum swing thrill "ride" of EAT Danao. In my opinion, it's scarier than doing a bungee jump. Well, I haven't tried bungee jumping -- yet! -- but in bungee jumping, you jump if you're ready. In The Plunge, the staff will only yell "Bombs Away!" and you DROP!

Waah. Even after 4 years I can still feel the thrill. Trying to grasp desperately for something to hold on to but nothing. 

The EAT Danao site is still up but I'm not sure how it is right now. It's noted there that The Plunge is under maintenance but I'm not sure when it was last updated. I hope they're well even after the earthquake and they were able to maintain it well. We were really impressed how they utilized their natural resources without being intrusive. And I must say that I only agreed to do that plunge because I saw how reliable and safe their equipments are.

So, if you're going to Bohol, don't miss the chance to visit EAT Adventure Park in Bohol. You wouldn't regret it! :)

And because it's Flashback Friday, I'm sharing with you also our crazy EAT Danao Graduation! Hahaha. 

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