Gino's Brick-Oven Pizza on Friday Night

I'm back in Tordesillas Street, Makati but not for a night shift but for a night out. 

It's been a while since I went out on a Friday. We're supposed to meet a few friends in Rue Bourbon but Ate Carla, Tal's cousin, has been convincing us to try Gino's Pizza since last month so we decided to have dinner first.

Simple and clean interiors.
Yup, Gino's Brick-Oven Pizza, originally from Katipunan is now in Makati. Following the success of Banapple?

My Friday Night Dates :) 
For appetizers, we went for Ate Carla's recommendation, Burrata with Bolognese. 

Burrata with Bolognese is warm meat sauce, topped with fresh Burrata, served with freshly baked bread. Yun! 

Now if you're like us who has no idea what a Burrata is, it's a kind of cheese made with mozzarella and cream. The outside is mozzarella crust, while the inside is soft mozzarella and cream mix. Oha! 

Gino's Brick-Oven Pizza proudly sources their Kesong Puti and Burrata from Philippine Carabao Center. This reminds me that I want a DTRI milk! 

Burrata with Bolognese, PHP 415.00

They don't offer milk in Gino's, but they do serve fresh fruit juices! We got a pitcher of fresh Dalandan juice. So refreshing! :)

Fresh Dalandan Juice, PHP 170
For the Pizza, we got one of their specialty, SMEGG

SMEGG is Sausage, Mushroom, Egg and Gouda. Egg on a pizza? Why not! It's my first time to try one, and it was yummy! The pizza has very generous serving of their toppings and of course it's freshly baked! 

Don't forget to put some of their famous Honey Spice! Yup, it's honey with a bit of spice. It fuses a wonderfully sweet flavor to the pizza. Yummm! Thinking about it makes me wanna go back there right this minute. Haha. 

Closer look on the Sausages, Mushroom, Egg and Gouda. 
Don't forget to put on some honey spice! 
For dessert, we got this slice of Crack Pie. 

Crack Pie Slice, PHP 50.00
The best thing about all these? They're all relatively affordable. Out total bill is exactly Php 1,005.00 which is not bad at all.

Will definitely be back soon!

Just a few notes:
1. They only accept cash
2. Street parking can be a bit difficult.

Address: Finman Building, Bautista Cor Tordesillas Street, Makati City
* Beside 7-11

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