True North Sisig

It's been a while since we've been to The Avenue. 

Wait, where? Yep, The Avenue. This is what they call this (picture below) place now. We just call it Hassan, its first tenant, or "tabi ng Sta Lucia" before. Haha.

The Avenue
Anyway, we went there to take a quick bite at Hassan before we leave for our Yellow Box Photo gig but we noticed this "new" (at least to us) restaurant called "True North Sisig". Since we love sisig and any kapampangan food, we decided to give it a try.

Look and Feel

True North Sisig Doodle
True North Sisig
The thing that actually got our attention was the doodles, so good work on that! :)

The look and feel of True North Sisig is like a kubo, the traditional house of the Philippines. Or probably a cottage beside a beach, because it is not air-conditioned and uses wooden and bamboo seats. Although the wooden bench is a bit uncomfortable and too high for the table and my height, I like how the True North Sisig was designed -- humble and simple, in a very good way, fits the environment and the market just right. I guess at night, most of their patrons would be young prof's wanting to have a bit of drink and hangout.

The Food

We ordered sisig, of course. It was too oily for me, but I think all sisig are like that. It's good, better than those we order at mall restaurants, actually, but for me there's nothing too spectacular about it. But the heart-shaped rice got us quickly. It's a really nice touch. :)

True North Sisig (Php 169.00)
Sino may sabing Saging lang ang may Puso?
TNS Plain Rice. Php 15.

Meal for two at TNS
But what really made me think this restaurant is "blog-worthy" is their Special Tokwa't Baboy. It's what Ate (ooh, we forgot to ask her name) recommended to us when we asked for their customers' favorite. I still love Goto Garahe's Tokwa't Baboy, they both use lechon-kawali for their pork, but TNS added a hefty serving of onions and celery. I think anything with celery tastes good.

The photos don't give it much justice, but it really is good. Haha.

Soy Sauce and Vinegar Mix for the Tokwa't Baboy

TNS' Tokwa't Baboy (Php 149)

For a filled-up tummy and happy taste buds, we paid around Php 350.00. :)

We're glad more restaurants like this are coming in our area. We're so tired of the mall restaurants and fast foods! Before we used to drive all the way to Marikina or Antipolo to try out new food finds. I hope everything goes well for these entrepreneurs. :)

PS. Too lazy to edit photos. :P

Try it out

The Avenue, Imelda Ave, Cainta, Rizal
Instagram: @truenorthsisig

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