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I just want to share with you this article I've come across in Relevant Magazine on being a wanderlust. But first, let me make is clear that I love travelling and I believe there is nothing wrong with it. (I have this blog, duh!) But as with everything else, this should be done with the right motives.

The article, The Downside of Wanderlust, describes the four down points on being a wanderlust that we should look out for:

  1. Travelling doesn't solve your problems.
  2. Travelling can make you feel superior.
  3. Travelling comes with its own frustrations.
  4. Travelling often comes the cost of the community.
Travelling can be addicting so this article kind of hit me, especially #1. I admit that most often, I have the urge to travel when I'm stressed out and escape. Travelling for me is the best way to relax but I'd like to emphasize also what the article said:

Travel is not the solution to our dissatisfaction. Only God satisfies.

I don't know about you but when I'm not happy and I feel like I am trapped with my current situation, I have the tendency to just quit, move out and just shut everyone and everything else. Travelling can do that, and sometimes we think that if we could just move to another place -- the greener pasture -- we'd be more happier or more satisfied. But that is not the case, unless we find satisfaction in God, whatever lack we are feeling back at home will still be there wherever we go.

Point #2 in the article says that there is a notion that people who prefer to stay at home or at one place are missing out on life, and this can make the travelers feel more superior. I might just be speaking for myself, but travelling can make one feel superior because it seems that we're living the life. We can't wait to share our photos to the world because we want others to see how good life is to us. Now this is not a bad thing of course, but if we're travelling just so we can post photos and find the satisfaction when others like them, then I think you're the one who's missing out on life.

As I said, travelling is not a bad thing, but it should also be done with the right motive. So before you satisfy your itchy feet, check on why you always have the urge to go somewhere. Look out for the signs. If you're hoping to escape your problems or feel good about yourself, then you better think twice. Only God satisfies.

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