Silay City Walking Tour Map

Going to Bacolod? Make sure to drop by Silay City!

The city of Silay is often referred to as the "Paris of Negros" because of its richly history and well-preserved heritage sites. Like Vigan City in Ilocos, it is now considered as Museum City.

To Rizal St, I go
Here is the walking map I made for our Bacolod-Iloilo-Guimaras trip last year. You might find it useful. :)

From Bacolod City we rode a Ceres bus to Silay City and hopped of in front of Silay Public Plaza. This is where we started our walking tour.

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  • Cinco de Noviembre
  • Arsenio Lopez Jison Ancestral House
  • German Locsin Unson Ancestral House
  • El Ideal Bakery & Refreshment
  • Soledad & Maria Montelibano Lacson Ancestral House
  • Sen. Jose C. Locsin Ancestral House
  • Silay Telegraph and Post Office
  • Balay Negrense
  • Don Victor Gaston Ancestral House
  • Silay Tourism Office
  • Silay Public Plaza
  • San Diego de Alcala Pro-Cathedral Church
  • Vicente Conlu Montelibano Ancestral House
  • Silay City Puericulture Center
  • Carlos Javelosa Jalandoni Ancestral House
  • Angel Araneta Ledesma House "Green House"
  • Alejandro Amechazurra Ancestral House
  • Jose B. Gamboa Ancestral House
  • German Lacson Gaston Ancestral House
  • Don Bernardino Jalandoni Museum

I missed it when we first went there (year before the second trip) so I made it a point to visit when we went back. If you're doing a walking tour, it's best if you can allot a whole day for Silay City. It's a big city and there are a lot of picturesque spots. Plus, the museums are entertaining. Unfortunately for me, we only had half day so we're not able to visit all sites.

Silay Public Plaza

Have you been to Silay and visited these heritage houses? How was it? Let me know your experience!

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