Bike Ride from Marikina to Katipunan

Our day started early. After dropping off Rye's brother at the airport, we had coffee in Starbucks Valero and then picked up Jucyn and Jaycee from Makati.

If you have Strava, Jaycee recorded the route here -- Lunch Ride.

Our Bikes

A lot of people are asking about our bikes so let me update this post with a bit of information that I know. Haha. That is our bikes in the photo above. All of them are folding -- mine, Rye's, Jaycee's and Jucyn's.

Rye and I have the same bikes -- Storm 2 Revo.
Jaycee has a Crius.
Jucyn has the red Atomic.

Rye bought the bike for me so I have no idea how much it costs. You can ask him if you want to, but a quick check of folding bikes on Lazada gives me a range of 5K to 10K for the good bikes, and about 20K to 50K for high end bikes.

First Stop: Marikina River Park

We're supposed to have our breakfast in Rustic Mornings but it's not yet open so we went to Marikina River Park first and biked towards Libis. Rye and I just found out the road was now fixed and you can now actually go up to Marikina River Banks on bike.

Happy Bikers

Bike lane just after LRT-2 and Katipunan bridge

Flood marker on Marikina River. Ondoy was about 22 feet.

M for Marikina

End of the bike lane at Libis, Quezon City

On our way back, we crossed the river to get to the dome. I don't know what it's called, sorry.

This dome

Brunch at Rustic Mornings, Shoe Museum, Kapitan Moy

By the time we're back to Marikina Park, Rustic Mornings is already open. Yey! And we ate a lot. We're kind of passionate of our #BikeToEat advocacy. Hehe.

Please ignore the far arms.

To pass off the scorching noonday sun, we went to Marikina Show Museum which is just beside Rustic Mornings. I would probably blog about that in a separate post, but here's a photo of our tourists:

And we went to the bike shop -- John Wilkie's -- just in front of the museum to get Juk's bike tuned up, the nearby park, and Kapitan Moy (Sentrong Pangkultura) in from of Our Lady of Abandoned Church.

The Ateneo

It's still hot by 3PM but we're running out of time so we started biking to Ateneo, Jucyn's alma mater.

We decided to go via Ateneo housing. I haven't been to Ateneo before and I don't know what is this stairs Jucyn and Rye kept talking about. So I followed them back to River Park towards Provident Village. We passed through Tayug, Loyola Memorial Gardens and then through a narrow residential area. And then, I saw... the stairs. I don't know how high is is but it is high and we have to carry our bikes!

Thank you Church of Jesu for giving us shade after that long ride under the sun!

Kunwari di pagod

While cooling off, I toured around the Church of Jesu. I liked its simplicity and the way it focuses on Jesus. Jucyn said it's relatively new.

Beside the church is Contemplatio. I don't know what that means. Does it mean Contemplation? It certainly did made, specially that it is holy week that week. It kinda reminds me of the Stations of the Cross in BGC.

Who is Jesus for you?

My head was aching because of the sun. I need an airconditioner!!! So after Ateneo, we rode our bikes along Katipunan and stopped at UP Town Center. We were so delighted to find a very nice bike rack in front J.Co. Thank you Ayala! From there we were able to cool off while watching our bikes.

University of the Philippines - Diliman

After about an hour, we headed to Rye's office to fetch some water  -- thank you to the kind guards. From there we crossed the street for University of the Philippines Diliman.

While resting, we saw a group of Koreans taking their group photo with Oble. From our back, we heard loud whistle from the guard.

Bawal akyatan si Oble! , the guard shouted.
Kuya, mga Koreans. Di ka nila maiintindihan. Kelangan english., I told kuya guard.
To this, kuya guard replied -- Ay pambihira! English pa. and then walked away.
After this we did our usual tour around UP, except the food trip as they are all closed. Huhu.

On our way home I begged them to go via Katipunan and Xavierville instead. I do not have enough strength to carry my bike down that Ateneo stairs. I am so glad they listened. Haha.

Traffic was bad in Katipunan but the route is familiar to me so I didn't stress out that much. Although we still encountered about three cars who won't give way for us even though Katipuna is a stand still and they have nowhere to go.

From the Aurora junction, we went down to Marikina by foot. I am no way biking up that flyover again! Rye made me do it before. Huhu. :(

About twenty minutes we're back to where we started in Marikina and we capped off the night by having a yummy dinner at Cafe Lidia. :)

Long story, huh? But we enjoyed it! We enjoyed it so much we scheduled another bike ride. This time, Intramuros in Manila. :)

Click here for more photos from this bike ride!

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