Bicol Roadtrip Itinerary: Legazpi, Donsol, Misibis, Daet

Bringing this travel blog back to life starting on our recent road trip to the wonderful Bicolandia!

I am back from my travel blogging hiatus and I'm starting on this recent road trip we had to Bicol.

This is actually an unplanned trip and our itinerary is a bit messy, but when you're married to a guy who calls himself Driver Dash -- who needs itineraries, right?!

It all started with a Deal Grocer offer to Misibis Bay which I planned to use on my birthday but a sudden opportunity came for a long break came so we packed our bags (though we forgot our cameras) and off to Bicol we went.

Here's what we've done in a gist. I can't really call it itinerary, LOL. I will blog about the details of each day on the following posts.

Day 1: Road to Bicol
- Breakfast in Mando and Elvie's Lutong Bahay
- Lunch at Bob Marlin (Naga)
- Shopping in Ayala Legazpi
- Dinner at Graceland
- Check in at Balay dela Rama

Day 2: Donsol
- - Back to Ayala Mall
- Lunch at Cres Snack Inn
- Travel to Donsol, Sorsogon
- Check in at Vitton Resort

Day 3: Butanding Interaction
- Butanding Interaction
- Lunch at Vitton
- Road to Misibis

Day 4: Misibis Bay
Day 5: Trip to Daet
- Lunch at Lava
- Dinner at KSarap

Day 6: Trip Home
- Lunch at Donna's Eatery, Gumaca
- Home Sweet Home

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